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Management Doctoral Program

Thank you for your interest in the Management Department’s Doctoral Program at the Eli Broad College of Business. We take a great deal of pride in our PhD program, as well as our placement of students in top academic positions. Our past alumni include:

Arrfelt, Mathias (Arizona State University)
Baldwin, Tim (Indiana University)
Barnes, Christopher (University of Washington)
Choi, Seungho (Ewha Womens University)
Colquitt, Jason (University of Georgia)
Davison, Robert (Texas Tech University)
DeRue, Scott (University of Michigan)
Devers, Cynthia (Texas A & M University)
Dimotakis, Nikos (Georgia State University)
Dykes, Bernadine (University of Delaware)
Gamache, Danny (University of Georgia)
Howe, Michael (Iowa State University)
Humphrey, Stephen (Pennsylvania State University)
Johnson, Michael (University of Washington)
Karam, Elizabeth (Texas Tech University)
Kim, You Jin (Temple University)
Klein, Howard (Ohio State University)
Kolev, Kalin (Marquette University)
Koopman, Joel (University of Cincinnati)
Lanaj, Klodiana (University of Florida)
LePine, Jeffrey (Arizona State University)
Mannor, Mike (University of Notre Dame)
Matta, Fadel (University of Georgia)
Moon, Henry (China Europe International Business School)
Nahrgang, Jennifer (Arizona State University)
O’Leary-Kelly, Anne (University of Arkansas)
Peng, Ann (University of Western Ontario)
Phillips, Jean (Rutgers University)
Porter, Christopher  (Indiana University)
Schwind-Wilson, Kelly (Purdue University)
Sleesman, Dustin (University of Delaware)
Snell, Scott (University of Virginia)
Spitzmuller, Matthias (Queens School of Business)
Steinbach, Adam (University of South Carolina)
Wagner, David (University of Oregon)
Wang, Linda (City University of Hong Kong)
Wesson, Mike (Texas A & M University)
Wright, Patrick (University of South Carolina)

Brent A. Scott, Management Doctoral Program Director, Associate Professor of Management, Chair of the Doctoral Program Committee

Brent A. Scott, Management Doctoral Program Director, Professor of Management, Chair of the Doctoral Program Committee

Although we look back with great satisfaction on our past placement history, we are even more optimistic about the future, and we are always on the lookout for the next wave of promising academics. We provide all incoming students with assistantships in order to support them throughout the program. For more details about our program, such as admissions requirements, information about financial assistance, and current students, please see the links on this page. Specific information about program requirements, including coursework, exams, and the doctoral dissertation, can be found in the student manual.

If you wish to apply, please click the link below and follow the application process.

Apply now

If you have any further questions not addressed at our website, please feel free to email them to me at

Brent A. Scott,

Professor of Management
Doctoral Program Director

Eli Broad College of Business

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